Lynn Andrews

Did you know that you are fearless, generous beyond thought, gracious, creative, able to shapeshift your des­tiny? You are! So what is keeping you from celebrating yourself, from living the bountiful life you deserve and can create?

In looking at the events of the past several years, I found a thread, a luminous thread that led me through the maze of chal­lenges we face today. How did the events of our time form into the chaos of the world today as well as the turmoil in our own personal lives? As you hold up your star shield to the Great Spir­it, you see that there is a dangerous imbalance of the male and female energies on this earth. We must balance the intellect and mind of the male with the intuition and emotion of the female in order to understand how we came here from nature and what we are made of. If not, then maybe we are lost. Maybe our evolve­ment as a species will actually cease. In looking at all this, it came down to the one lesson that the Sisterhood of the Shields taught me over and over: how to give up resistance and pick up the shield of empowerment.

The events of this past year, in particular, demonstrated the turmoil of uncertainty. We have always lived with a sense of in­security, and until lately, most of us have spent our energy trying to ignore it or pretend it doesn’t bother us. So how do we, as sha­mans, learn to make uncertainty our ally? How do we let go of our resistance to change, our fear of what is different?

If I could teach you only one thing, I would choose for you to learn how to ride uncertainty like a wave. If you can learn to ride within the power of the wave, to allow its energy to pro­pel you forward, you can tap into a source of personal power. Learning to use energy in a focused, conscious way will reduce the sense or experience of chaotic energy for yourself and others around you. Chaos is a part of creation, and we want to shift how we respond to it by directing our awareness on the beauty and opportunities it manifests. Dynamic ener­gy is given off by an act of creation, and the energy that comes from the chaotic side of creation is powerful. It is uneven and somewhat like being in an earth­quake. This dynamic energy is un­certainty. But it is an amazing en­ergy once we tap into it and ride it like a wave. The Sisterhood taught me to not stand and fight the wave, but to throw myself into it. Like the dolphins riding the surf line, when you relax and move with the current, you rise to the surface and maintain your sense of direction. Uncertainty in life is like that and we choose how to face it.

As shamans, we learn to see the energy between all living things – the energy of true power. This is a vast, unlimited source of energy that few ever learn to tap into. It is important not only for your personal healing, but also for the healing needed on the planet.

I want you to be aware of the truth that energy is just energy. It is not good or bad, not dark or light, until someone or something focuses it. Energy itself is pure and unaffected in its original state and is incredibly powerful.

It is your awareness of energy that al­lows you to begin to use it, to tap into its power to create the life you desire, to bring healing to yourself, your loved ones, the planet. Within awareness, you make a shift of consciousness. The chaos of today is the result of your resistance to this shift. It is essential, now more than ever, that you look at the choices you make and why you hold resistance in your body which creates

block literally in your life force. This can cause disease later on. Through­out much of the world the economical field of energy is very stressed. This stress spills over into almost every aspect of your life, as you worry about how to support your family, as our countries move ever deep­er into debt, creating an instability that will become the legacy your grandchildren inherit. This all results in fear; your inability to create mean­ingful changes causes you to put up walls of resistance, to separate from others, to fear and distrust those with whom you disagree with on how to improve our world. That resistance depletes your energy, sep­arates you from Great Spirit, creating more chaos in your life and thereby in the world.

When you move into awareness of this resistance, you begin to see the role that chaos plays in your life, and begin to understand your own power to shift your reactions from fear to creativity. You begin to experience the freedom of letting resistance go, feel the flow of energy moving through you again, and allow creativity to bring new choices and new opportunities. You begin to enjoy magical adventures that present themselves, and find the way to for­give yourself for not understanding fear. Creativity is a great healer that enhances your personal power, and is your portal into the energy field of a truly fearless, generous, purposeful, and bountiful life.


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This article is a part of the February / March 2017 issue of Whole Life Times.