April/May 2015

April/May 2015

2015 Annual Earth Day Issue

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In This Issue:

  • Where Sexual Fear and Fantasy Collide

    Where Sexual Fear and Fantasy CollideSexuality that is simultaneously forbidden and commanded both terrifies and titillates. These dynamics are not just fiction. Our collective sexuality is replete with confused sex acts that should never have occurred.

  • Surfing for a Healthy Pregnancy

    For a pregnant woman, California’s cool ocean waters are a welcome relief from heightened body temperature, anxiety and fluctuating hormones, and the buoyancy of salt water lightens the extra weight you’re carrying. But there are health benefits as well.

  • Book—Consolations

    Book—ConsolationsMidway through Sister Bridget’s story, I began to wonder if there could possibly be a satisfying end to the book, and indeed, that is symptomatic of this nun’s dilemma.

  • Book—The Warrior’s Path

    Book—The Warrior’s PathThis insightful work can serve as a guide for the practicing yogi in rethinking ways of putting time-honored precepts into practice, in yoga and in life.

  • Book—One Spirit Medicine

    Book—One Spirit MedicineOne Spirit Medicine offers readers a multi-layered wellness guide for the 21st century in the form of an easy-to-understand synthesis of ancient wisdom and recent research.

  • Book—Black Smoke

    Book—Black SmokeTo journey through the Ecuadorian jungle with composer and former Bard College music professor Margaret De Wys is to embark upon a first-rate adventure worthy of Indiana Jones.

  • Drowning in Plastic

    Drowning in PlasticFew issues are more concerning than the growth of plastic marine pollution. Surprisingly little is actually known about it, or its impact. Why?

  • The Gadarene Swine

    The Gadarene SwineThe pièce de résistance here is a 12-course tasting menu that is Chef Lee’s culinary playground.

  • Book—Parenting with Presence

    Book—Parenting with PresenceStiffelman helps parents shine a light on the roots of their own reactionary outbursts, and suggests new ways to communicate so that everyone feels heard, respected and connected.

  • Coconut Oil Lowers Blood Pressure

    Coconut Oil Lowers Blood PressureWhile coconut oil and exercise independently lowered blood pressure, only the combination returned blood pressure levels to normal.