Our Fragile Planet April/May 2016

Our Fragile Planet April/May 2016
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In This Issue:

  • Make Your Yoga Sustainable

    Make Your Yoga SustainableJoint pain, dizziness and cramps are common complaints, especially among beginning yogis who don’t know what level of discomfort, if any, might be appropriate. At the same time, it can be confusing when a teacher says, “Find your edge,” or “Breathe into discomfort.”

  • Album Review: Barrule

    Album Review: BarruleWhile many of the songs’ meanings are difficult to decipher, the group does touch upon modern, universal themes. On “High Net Worth Individuals,” Barrule lampoons greedy, power-hungry businessmen—something American voters are dealing with this election cycle.

  • Album Review: Sukha

    Album Review: SukhaRise never flags in its efforts to get the listener up and moving, appreciative and ready for the day or night ahead.

  • Desalination on the Southern California Coast

    Desalination on the Southern California CoastThe West Basin Municipal Water District is proposing a massive new $300 million desalination plant in the South Bay, which would be the first full-fledged desalination plant in Los Angeles County. The goal is to convert 60 million gallons of seawater a day into drinking water for the 17 cities served by West Basin.

  • Book Review: Gentle Energy Touch

    Book Review: Gentle Energy TouchSavin gives us detailed descriptions of the locations of each of the seven chakras and their associated colors, elements, areas of body governance, physical problems arising from imbalance, associated belief systems, mental and emotional correspondences, over- and underactive chakric issues, spiritual lessons and chakric truths.

  • The Watermelon Sex Cure

    The Watermelon Sex CureThis succulent red produce contains lycopene, beta carotene and the new darling of the bedroom, citrulline.