Relationships 2016

Relationships 2016
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In This Issue:

  • Nature Is Speaking

    Nature Is SpeakingSpeaking through top Hollywood talent and visually gorgeous cinematography, the individual videos convey the message that nature, in all her magnificence, doesn’t really give a damn whether the human race survives, and in fact might prefer it didn't.

  • The Last Avatar

    The Last AvatarIn a forgiving and often humorous way, he slashes to the bone the underlying traps people fall prey to, in denying their own fundamental divinity—the real message here. It’s a repair manual for the soul.

  • Brain Size in Men and Women

    Brain Size in Men and Women“There is no sense talking about male nature and female nature. No one person has all the male characteristics and another person all the female characteristics.”

  • Book Review: Sidewalk Oracles

    Book Review: Sidewalk Oracles"Sidewalk Oracles" has brightened my interest in daily neighborhood walks, shown me how to create an entertaining and useful homemade oracle, and restored my understanding of continuity in the universe. Perhaps most important in the long run, it’s also reinvigorated my neglected habit of scribing dreams.

  • CD Review: Lulacruza—Orcas Remixed

    CD Review: Lulacruza—Orcas RemixedAncient mysteries meet modern musical influences in this exciting new remix.

  • Book Review: A Course of Love

    Book Review: A Course of LoveA Course of Love speaks directly, personally and powerfully, gently guiding the reader to “wholeheartedness,” an integration of mind and heart to “end the tyranny of the ego-driven mind.”

  • Adventure for Two in L.A.

    Adventure for Two in L.A.Whether you want an urban art experience, a romp in nature, music and theater or a spa indulgence, it’s hard to beat our city for a day of adventure and romance.

  • little pine by Moby

    little pine by MobyThe ambience here is more pine forest than palm grove— all that’s missing on a chilly evening is a roaring fire—but little pine’s Mediterranean-inspired all-organic vegan fare would be most welcome in either place.

  • The Ebell Women's Club

    The Ebell Women's ClubDespite the advantages of social media, current members speak most highly of their personal connections with a group of like-minded women.