CD Review: Lulacruza—Orcas Remixed

Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

CD_OrcasRemixedV1Enter a world where ancient mysteries meet modern musical influences in this exciting new remix and you’ll experience a shamanic healing pulsing just beneath the moving beats and electronic sequencing of Lulacruza’s Orcas Remixed Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Lulacruza, created by Alejandra Ortiz and Luis Maurette, is a South American electronic folk duo that blends mystical and ritualistic flavors with folk and electronic music to create this inventive sound. Their fifth studio album, Orcas, was released last year to critical acclaim. In this remix collection, from Lulacruza via Black Swan Sounds (in five volumes of four remixes each), Ortiz and Maurette welcomed world-famous electronic music producers Nicola Cruz, El Buho, SaQi, Sleepers Work and more to contribute their CD_OrcasRemixedV2cultural flavors such as Argentinian digital cumbia and New Mexican desert techno. The whole work is beautifully fronted by singer Alejandra Ortiz, who seduces with sweet velvet tones and native instruments while Luis Maurette excites with modern electronic pulses and grooves. In track 1, Vol. 1, “Uno Resuena” (Nicola Cruz Remix), we are drawn in by Ortiz’ floating vocals as they glide over a complicated yet delicately delivered percussion. In track 3, Vol. 2, “Commandant” (King Coya Remix), we are commanded to listen as the staccato electronica dance beat digs deep down within this exciting melodic groove. Embedded within this entire album is the creative weaving of acoustic folk sensibilities with contemporary electronica. This interplay of ease and tension is a special treat to share with friends who can appreciate these intricate musical and cultural layers. A listening experience that is sure to uplift your soul as well as your dancing feet. (Lulacruza via Black Swan)


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