Book Review: A Course of Love

Combined Volume: The Course, The Treatises, The Dialogues

By Mari Perron, First ReceiverBkRev_ACOL

More than 30 years ago, A Course in Miracles (ACIM)—“a complete self-study spiritual thought system,” according to the website—was written down by Helen Schucman according to what she described as an “inner dictation.” Although Christian in language, its message is more of a New Age spirituality, and for many it was spiritually revolutionary. There are an estimated two million copies of the text in circulation worldwide.

More recently, author Mari Perron, a devout Catholic, claimed to have received the same voice identifying itself as that of Jesus, also by inner dictation. A Course of Love, the resulting 700-page combined volume, expands on Schucman’s work.

A Course of Love has a sufficiently clear introduction that one need not be previously familiar with ACIM. It builds on the same thought system in a language that is both accessible and eloquent, and some ACIM students have praised it as “a revelation.” There are now nearly 50 ACOL study groups listed on

A Course of Love speaks directly, personally and powerfully, gently guiding the reader to “wholeheartedness,” an integration of mind and heart to “end the tyranny of the ego-driven mind.” It teaches the “art of thought,” the “act of prayer” and “the nature of unity and its recognition.” It concludes with “The Forty Days and Forty Nights,” a mountaintop dialogue with the reader that was, for this reviewer, a profoundly moving experience.” (Take Heart Publications)

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