Book Review: Living with Intent

My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy

By Mallika Chopra

bkRev_Living With Intent coverIn a refreshing departure from the more typical, albeit often useful, “Let me share what I’ve learned” writing convention, Mallika Chopra’s Living with Intent style is more, “Let’s figure this out together.”

The first time I met the author, who is founder and CEO of the social media site and blog, she dashed in slightly late for our appointment at a Santa Monica café, trailing a backpack and clearly a bit harried. Still, she was warm and professional, immediately giving me her full attention.

Based on what she’s written in her new book, it seems our meeting was a microcosm of her life at that time. Chopra was caught in a familiar struggle—juggling professional life with family life (she’s married with two daughters), friends, exercise and staying healthy—and despite having grown up under the tutelage of a celebrated sage, has had to confront the same challenges we all face. She writes of feeling overwhelmed, often frustrated, and disappointed at her seeming inability to meet her goals.

With thoughtful insight, generous sharing and sometimes-awkward honesty, the author takes us through the vicissitudes of that difficult passage to a place of self-fulfillment and inner peace. She shares simple suggestions that are highly accessible and will indeed give readers a gentle but powerful nudge in creating, as she continues to do (it’s an ongoing process, after all), the life they desire.

Like a frank conversation with a friend, Living with Intent is an inspiring and sustaining read, perfect to accompany a morning cup of tea or send you off to a peaceful sleep. (Harmony)


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This article is a part of the June/July 2015 Healing Arts issue of Whole Life Times.